Industry Insights: Boilers – From Power Generation to Everyday Products

How is power generated? Our immediate answer would be power plants. 

Well, we are not completely wrong, but when it comes to generating power for various industrial processes, we often overlook a key machine – boiler! Industrial boilers are used in various sectors that produce products necessary for our daily lives. It plays a significant role in powering various industrial processes, crucial for producing an array of products, from papers and textiles to chemicals and electricity.

A 2022 MarketsandMarkets report projected that the global industrial boiler market will reach USD 19.8 billion by 2030 from USD 15.3 billion in 2022. This highlights the increasing demand for boilers in the industrial world. 

Let’s explore the role of boilers in power generation and industrial applications.

The Power of Steam

Boilers are used to convert water into steam. It uses various fuels, like natural gas or coal to heat water above its boiling point. This heated water is converted into high-pressure steam, which is transported through pipes to various appliances to power various industrial processes.

Some of the advantages of steam are:

  •  Precise and efficient heating

Industries like food sterilization and chemical reactions require specific temperature ranges. For such situations that require precise temperatures, steam is a better heating option than other fuel sources. Steam offers a controllable and uniform heat source, unlike burning fuels directly.

  • Powering machinery

Steam turbines can be used to convert heat energy into mechanical energy in factories. This mechanical energy drives equipment or processes that need a strong and steady force.

Boilers in Power Generation

In power plants, boilers are key equipment responsible for generating electricity. The steam produced by boilers spins turbines that are connected to generators, thereby producing electricity. The efficiency of this process depends on the boiler’s design. There are constant advancements in the field of industrial boilers with the goal of minimizing heat loss and maximizing power generation.

Boilers Fueling Industries

Boilers are not just used in power plants, but also in a variety of other industries. Here is a list of a few industries where boilers are used in various processes.

  • Chemical processing

The high-pressure steam producers in boilers are needed in various stages of chemical production. Some of them are heat reactors, distillation towers, and drying processes.

  • Food and beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, ensuring food safety and increasing shelf life depend on boilers. They generate the steam used for sterilization in food processing facilities, pasteurization in dairy farms, and cooking processes. 

  • Textile industry

Our clothes are beautified with vibrant colors and textures through dyeing and various other processes. Steam produced by boilers plays a vital role in dyeing, setting finishes, and shaping textiles. 

  • Oil and gas refining

The complex oil and gas refining processes heavily depend on high-pressure steam for distillation and other separation techniques.

  • Paper production

In the paper production industry, after the wood fibers are separated into a watery pulp, a significant amount of water needs to be removed to prepare usable paper. This is where steam from the boilers is crucial to preparing dry paper. It is also used in calendering finished paper.

  • Autoclave sterilization

In the medical field, large boilers provide steam for autoclaves, which function like a giant pressure cooker used to sterilize medical equipment.

The Future of Industrial Boilers

With a large number of applications, the industrial boiler industry will grow continuously in the coming years. The main focus of developments in the industrial boiler industry is to find sustainable alternate sources of fuels, like biogas and biofuels. 

Moreover, industries are trying to improve efficiency by utilizing the waste heat produced from the various processes and thereby reducing the dependency on additional fuel sources. The primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions, while constantly improving efficiency. 

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